Spotlight: Git rebase

21 February 2016

This article is about the common problem one faces, when working with feature branches. At one point in time one wants to reintegrate a feature (branch) back into the current development branch (often called master or development). Git offers two different approaches for this: The simplest one is a git merge which creates a new commit containing the complete diff of the two branches. The other but more complex one is a combination of git rebase and git merge. These two commands in combination allows a user to merge not just only the file diffs but also preserves the complete history of the feature branch which may be helpful in most cases since the commit messages contain relevant information as well.

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Spotlight: Git index

17 October 2015

I cannot remember when I started to use version control systems (VCS), but I know that I started by using Apache’s SVN. Nowadays the tool Git has gained more attention and is used in many companies as well as in software engineering in general. But even though I am using Git on a daily basis, I have not understood the main concepts of Git in detail yet. Therefore I will have a closer look on Git’s index and its behavior in this blogpost. I also plan to add more blogposts focussing on Git objects and the objects store.

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Toggle Sidebars using CSS and @keyframes

01 August 2015

Most modern websites do have a navigation pane on their left side which contain a logo and links. On small screens the size of such a navigation pane takes too much space on screen and should not be painted. Hence, some smart people invented the so called “Hamburger”-Icon which indicates a user that the navigation can be toggled. On most websites this mechanism is implemented using jQuery’s animate().

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Status 400 when using AJAX, JSON and Spring MVC

01 December 2014

I recently faced a problem using Spring MVC and AJAX calls. Whenever I tried to send JSON data via jQuery’s $.ajax() function, my Spring MVC application returned HTTP status 400 “The request sent by the client was syntactically incorrect”. My first attempt to solve this problem was – of course – browsing the web, especially (SO). But since finding a proper solution was not that easy, I am going to write down the problems I faced and finally the solution.

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FakeSMTP: A local mail server for testing purposes

08 June 2014

I recently found a very handy tool which allows one to set up a simple mail server which runs on local host for testing purposes. Since I currently develop a web application which has to send emails on registration or other notification events, I was looking for a simple tool which allows me to simulate a simple mail server running on my local machine. While I was browsing the internet I found different solutions. One was to use the mail server which is shipped with every Mac OS copy: Postfix. But I just wanted to have a nice UI like the Fake Mail App “Hamster” on Windows. Then I stumbled apon “FakeSMTP”. This tool does exactly what I was looking for!

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